Gayle Glass

Hi! .About me. I'm a single senior, 65 years young, have two children, two grandchildren, and 1 great-grandchild. (yes, I'm a great-grandmother, but then, I've always been least, that's what I tell them), and I'm a student at a local college. I live in the country with as many dogs and cats as I can support, and hobbies include writing (of course) , reading, music, and almost anything that just strikes me as being worth checking out. I want to say I remodel and garden, but actually, those things are just yard work and maintenance, although I do re-paint and re-structure things in my house now and then. I have visited places such as Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore, Mexico, and Canada, as well as traveled ogver the U.S., from Florida to Alaska - but mostly in the South and Southwest. Still on the list for outside the U.S. are Nova Scotia, Italy and Greece, but there are so many places in the continental U.S. that I haven't seen except in photographs that I'lm more likely to get to. Ah, but there's time, isn't there?