Salute to Veterans

Re-posted from a couple  years back…
Honoring friends and  family members on this day.  I hope you are doing the same.  If not family,then friends and strangers who have, and are still, risking their lives for us every day.

Col. Isaac M. Glass

Deryl T. Wieneke

Deryl T. Wieneke

Col. I.M. Glass, U.S.Air Force – career Pilot, 1948-1974 (Hi, Dad!)
Sergeant Deryl T. Wieneke, U.S.Air Force , 1986-1994  (Son-in-law)
Cpl. Mason McKean

Cpl. Mason McKean

Corporal Mason McKean, U.S. Marine Corps, Afghanistan – (Nephew)
Sergeant Jeffrey Curtis Beck, U.S. Army, Iraq, still active – (Nephew-in law)
Rank unknown, James Clarence Stears – U.S.Army HQ - (Uncle)
Sergeant Chester Lee Johnson, Army Air Corps, China Burma India Theatre of War –  (Uncle)
Others with personal ties  -
Col. Francis J. Klassen, U.S. Air Force – career (Years unknown -  approx 1943 – 1968)
Warrant Officer Francis J. Klassen, Jr. - U.S.Army 1969 – 1971, Viet Nam
Sergeant Noble A. Henderson, U.S.Army – years unknown (WWII)
Sergeant Richard A. Henderson, U.S.Army – 1959-1964, Viet Nam 
E3 Wm. E. Bohannon

E3 Wm. E. Bohannon

Bohannon  Family -

E3 Wm. E. Bohannon, U.S. Army – 1942-1945 , WWII
Msg. Jim E. Bohannon, U.S.Army/U.S.A.R.  1957-1991, Desert Storm
Cpl. Bill H. Bohannon, U.S.Army 1955-1959, Europe
E4 Terry Bohannon, U.S.Marine Corps 1981-1985?
E5 Scott Hunt, U.S.Navy 1981-2003 Submariner


 How about you? Enter your Veteran connections in the comments!

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