What's Next?

What’s Next?

 Yesterday I read that MetLife is firing Snoopy. No! Say it ain’t so! A few months ago, The Most Interesting Man in the World lost his job to a younger, scruffier, replacement. Sigh. My heart is broken. Can you have a crush on a character from a commercial? Yup. You bet. Oh, and have you […]

It's All About Who?

It’s All About Who?

How often have you heard the phrase it’s all about you (me) or something like it, and noticed the negative comments it gets. It is presumed that this is about being narcissistic, isn’t it? Well of course it’s all about Me. And You. Everything we experience or observe is about us. It’s about how we react. […]

Choose Your Poison, Carefully

Choose Your Poison, Carefully

Social media sites are useful for sharing news and common interests, advertising, giveaways, connecting old or distant friends, and in general, creating bonds across the miles - and yes, they are fun. Those of you who follow my Facebook page know I mostly share things about words and writing, with a few funny cartoons thrown in. It automatically links […]

Inspiration, Influence, or Something Else?

If you read a poem or story and you write something based on your reaction, is it okay? So at what point is it NOT okay? Of course if you copy lines, that’s definitely taboo. But what if, when someone reads your work and thinks  “Oh, xxxx wrote a piece like this, too.”? Have you crossed […]



If absence makes the heart grow fonder, you guys must be loving me by now! I’ve been traveling, checking up on ill family members, setting up an upcoming writers’ conference, combining a couple households, looking at small houses for future retirement (downsizing a bit), and, oh yeah…working!  And somewhere in there, I’ve done a very little bit of writing. Sometimes I […]