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All I Want...

All I Want…

I just saw an article on the web (yeah, you’d think I would learn not to do that…) that shouted ‘20 Holiday Gifts Your Mom Actually Wants!’. So, I clicked, thinking, Oh I’ll send this to my kids as a hint. Ummm. No. There was a serving tray that costs $795; a fluffy robe for […]

Inspiration, Influence, or Something Else?

If you read a poem or story and you write something based on your reaction, is it okay? So at what point is it NOT okay? Of course if you copy lines, that’s definitely taboo. But what if, when someone reads your work and thinks  “Oh, xxxx wrote a piece like this, too.”? Have you crossed […]

What's in a Name? (Writers)

What’s in a Name? (Writers)

Do you write under a pen name?  Here’s a few reasons for doing this: to write in different genres to remain fairly anonymous in your home town to keep stalkers away from your door to hide the gender of the author to write in a style not associated with your already well-known name to honor […]

Just For Fun Friday 09/05/2014

Just For Fun Friday 09/05/2014

A couple weeks ago I blogged about how Bo and I  both make lists.  Here’s HIS take on lists….      I’ve been accused of being OCD. If you’ve ever seen my office or spare room/home office/computer room/armory, you would know different. I just like being organized.      For example, I have my shopping list for […]

Sometimes Words Just Ain't Enough

Sometimes Words Just Ain’t Enough

  Guest Post-er – Debbie Wantulok “The difference be-tween the almost right word and the right word is…the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning.” Mark Twain          Misunderstandings occur daily in our feeble attempts to convey information or feelings based on the limited knowledge of the English Language. This very day men will […]