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What's Next?

What’s Next?

 Yesterday I read that MetLife is firing Snoopy. No! Say it ain’t so! A few months ago, The Most Interesting Man in the World lost his job to a younger, scruffier, replacement. Sigh. My heart is broken. Can you have a crush on a character from a commercial? Yup. You bet. Oh, and have you […]

New Words

New Words

Last week I blogged about creating words or phrases that your characters can use. Well, that prompted me to wonder – how does a word become official? English is considered a fairly new language, based on words from other languages – Greek, French, etc., and most of those have a Latin origin (hmmm…does this really mean […]

Word Play

Word Play

Searching for something quirky for your character? How about creating a new catch-phrase or word? It happens more often than we think. I’ll bet you sometimes use a phrase that  you picked up from a television show, movie, or book somewhere along the line. Gone With the Wind gave us “Fiddle-dee-dee” and “Tomorrow is another day.” Films like […]

The Three R's

The Three R’s

Schools were already divided into grades and contained in brick building complexes by the time I got there, in spite of what my children and grandchildren will tell you, but the original one-room schoolhouse concentrated on simple education of the three R’s . Readin’, (w)ritin’, and (a)rithmetic. ‘Rithmetic wasn’t my fortè, yet I grew up and […]



While browsing through MSN’s home page on June 16, I was struck by the following: The HEALTHY LIVING section featured these stories – 10 SMALL CHANGES THAT CAN LEAD TO BIG WEIGHT LOSS! How to cleanse your body without going on a detox diet 4 healthy foods men should eat NOW Snacking on peanuts may extend […]