Just For Fun Friday 09/05/2014

A couple weeks ago I blogged about how Bo and I  both make lists.  Here’s HIS take on lists….
IMG_0305     I’ve been accused of being OCD. If you’ve ever seen my office or spare room/home office/computer room/armory, you would know different. I just like being organized.
     For example, I have my shopping list for Kroger made out in order of how the items the isles are set up. Go in. Get sanitary wipes. Pick out cart. Wipe cart handle with wipes. Go straight. Seasonal items left and right. Produce. Make left. More produce. End of aisle, make a left. Canned goods on left. Canned veggies. Canned fruits. Make right. So forth.With my list organized I know exactly where to get it and in proper sequence without having to back track. Get in. Get out. No wasted time. Guerilla shopping. Hit and run.
      Several months ago, someone at Kroger Corporate, without consulting anyone, decided to rearrange everything. They sure didn’t ask me.
     I go in. My list was not organized in accordance with the layout. They moved pickles and condiments from aisle 3 to the east side of aisle 1. Cookies and Crackers to the center of the store.  It screwed up my system. I got really pissed.Went to the booth to lodge a complaint. Sandra, one of the managers, listen for a moment (I’m sure it wasn’t the first complaint she heard that day), handed me a complaint card, and said “You and all the old people. Fill this out.”
     I filled it out and really let the big wigs at corporate know my attitude about the mess. Let ‘em have it. Mailed it. Couple of weeks later I got a letter of apology (pre formatted) with some coupons.
     Poor compensation for my annoyance but I got a free case of Peach Snapple.Kroger Coupons

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  1. Diane
    Diane September 5, 2014 at 4:11 pm |

    smiling, Snapple isn’t quite enough compensation, but, it’s something. . .

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