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Word Play

Word Play

Searching for something quirky for your character? How about creating a new catch-phrase or word? It happens more often than we think. I’ll bet you sometimes use a phrase that  you picked up from a television show, movie, or book somewhere along the line. Gone With the Wind gave us “Fiddle-dee-dee” and “Tomorrow is another day.” Films like […]

Are We Dis-connected?

Are We Dis-connected?

Do we have, as The Captain in Cool Hand Luke called it, a failure to communicate? That’s a funny question for a writer to ask, but recent events have caused me to consider it. Communication is more than just delivering a message. It’s interaction with others. Remember that invention called the telephone? defines it […]



While browsing through MSN’s home page on June 16, I was struck by the following: The HEALTHY LIVING section featured these stories – 10 SMALL CHANGES THAT CAN LEAD TO BIG WEIGHT LOSS! How to cleanse your body without going on a detox diet 4 healthy foods men should eat NOW Snacking on peanuts may extend […]

What's In A Name? (Titles)

What’s In A Name? (Titles)

You know you’ve done it. Perused the shelves at a local book store, looking through hundreds of volumes, trying to choose one to take home. You might have picked up a couple because the covers were so attractive. But the titles? Meh. Ah, but the one you chose….what really made you look inside? You bet. […]

What's in a Name? (Writers)

What’s in a Name? (Writers)

Do you write under a pen name?  Here’s a few reasons for doing this: to write in different genres to remain fairly anonymous in your home town to keep stalkers away from your door to hide the gender of the author to write in a style not associated with your already well-known name to honor […]