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Traditions - New and Old

Traditions – New and Old

This past month or so the subject of traditions has come up in our family several times.  Personally, I’m on the fence about them. I get tired of repeating the same meal or doing the same thing on a specific holiday. But there’s comfort in them, too.  I recognize the serenity in being able to […]

Boundaries?  What Boundaries?

Boundaries? What Boundaries?

A recent article in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette about Little Rock’s 48-Hour Film Project caught my attention.The article follows one production company through the process of the competition. Here’s the basics of the project: At the beginning, the competing production companies are given the exact same set of items: a character, prop, and line that must […]



I’m not making resolutions. I’m recalculating. And why wait until ‘after the first of the year’? Every day is always the first day of MY new year. We think of New Years resolutions as a declaration to change the way we do something or to do something we feel we need to do. In a moment of clarity, […]

...Made to be Broken

…Made to be Broken

For 40 years my day job has been in an industry that is, by any standard, over-regulated. Regulations change on a daily basis, and I am constantly subject to audits and compliance reviews. I’m the enforcer, too, so I’m the bad guy when it comes to instruction and remanding. When I leave my office for the […]

Waste Not...

Waste Not…

I hate to discard things I can find a use for, even if it’s to cut them up and use the parts. Maybe the creative side of me likes the challenge, because now it’s more of a hobby. My kids say I’m a pack rat, but believe me, if Goodwill gets anything from me, I have […]