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Just For Fun Friday 02/07/2014

Just For Fun Friday 02/07/2014

Blog, Blog, Blog In my very first post, “never once considering…” I blogged about deciding to create a blog. I talked about checking out bloggers on blogging and getting advice from others.  Well, I think I over-did it! Every time I found a site with good information, I bookmarked it and subscribed. If I found […]

...Made to be Broken

…Made to be Broken

For 40 years my day job has been in an industry that is, by any standard, over-regulated. Regulations change on a daily basis, and I am constantly subject to audits and compliance reviews. I’m the enforcer, too, so I’m the bad guy when it comes to instruction and remanding. When I leave my office for the […]

Just For Fun Friday 09/27/13

   Some things are the same the world over….      Bangkok                                                                                           Hong Kong                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Shrink Me II

Shrink Me II

As Alice discovered, it’s all about space. In this e-publishing era, each letter, space, and punctuation mark is a byte. And bytes are space. That’s why the old rule – two spaces at the beginning of a sentence – has been thrown out. Now it’s one space everywhere. And if they (those invisible editors) could find […]

Life is hard enough - Shrink Me!

Life is hard enough – Shrink Me!

I am not Extremely Fat, but my BMI is definitely higher than it should be.   At the gym, I look at the program instructors and those college girls (who are obviously there to socialize and not actually work out) and sigh.  The last time I was that small I was…their age.  Then I look around […]